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Read Sam's Plan to Get Congress Working Smarter on Homelessness, Crime, the Cost of Living and the Issues that Matter Most to You

From the Rising Cost of Living to Getting Smarter About Homelessness – It’s Time for Congress to Get it Done.

Sam Liccardo is the former mayor of the Bay Area’s largest city and a tireless advocate for hard-pressed consumers – who has taken on the powerful to get big things done.

The current Congress has been the least productive in decades. Our communities need action, not endless partisan bickering or performative politics. That’s why Sam Liccardo is running for Congress – to make sure Congress Gets It Done on the issues that matters most.

As mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo pioneered creative solutions on homelessness, bringing families in-doors with new quick-build communities that create safe and dignified individual units at a fraction of the cost and time as traditional construction. He hired the homeless to clean up the streets – enabling people to work their way indoors. He began converting motels to house the homeless four years before it became a statewide model. And the results are starting to show – in 2023 street homelessness fell 11% in San Jose, as it increased in other Bay Area cities. But Liccardo knows we need to do even more and act even faster – and Congress needs to help finance affordable housing construction and address severe addiction and mental illness.

Sam Liccardo knows, crime is not just a “local” issue – a Do Something Congress would do more to support smarter safety policies. As a former criminal prosecutor who worked tirelessly for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. As mayor he expanded the San Jose Police Department with more police, and with community service officers to respond to less urgent calls. To provide youth an alternative to gangs, he launched a summer jobs program for more than 5,000 at-risk teens. To protect our families, he took on the gun lobby and passed the nation’s most innovative gun violence prevention measure in the nation. By 2022, San Jose had the lowest homicide rate of any major U.S. city.

As Mayor of San Jose, he took on the powerful to fight for hard-pressed families against massive electric, gas and water service rate hikes. He launched San Jose Clean Energy to provide one million residents and thousands of businesses with lower-cost renewable electricity. He saved taxpayers $3 billion over 25 years by negotiating resolution of longstanding budget battles. He partnered with school districts to provide free wi-fi to 250,000 residents living in struggling neighborhoods. He fought against wasteful spending at every level, and left his successor with a $30 million budget surplus. From promoting the adoption of lower cost renewable energy to lowering drug prices – Liccardo will demand Congress do more to address the painful cost of living.

As mayor, Sam worked with neighborhood leaders and environment advocates to defeat billionaire developers to protect Valley hillsides and open space, and in Congress, he will push for federally-backed support to help homeowners lower energy costs by adding affordable solar and storage.

Of course, Congress must act decisively to protect our reproductive rights, Social Security, and Medicare. Virtually every candidate in this race will say so.

But we need leaders who can think bigger, act boldly and work together. We need leaders who stand up to the powerful, and who focus on what matters most – starting with homelessness, the punishing cost of living, public safety, and protecting our environment. That’s why we need Sam Liccardo in Congress.

Let's Get It Done

These are difficult times. We need leaders like Sam Liccardo willing to think differently, act boldly and fight for us in Congress.

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